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About Erika's Divine Art and E.D.A Clothing

  Erika's Divine Art is a creation from me; Erika. After a major event in my life, I decided to make my art the foundation of a real business, compared to being only a hobby of mine. Erika's Divine Art originally started off as only an official website for my artistry, to display myself professionally, and to display my art to potential clients and people who want to see my collections displayed in a single space. Since then, Erika's Divine Art has evolved into a full-blown made-on-demand clothing store, stocked with custom clothing designed by me, using my own hand-painted and hand-drawn designs, drawings, and paintings. 

  Here, I do business a little bit differently. I prefer to be as efficient as possible, so instead of stocking my clothing items in house at all times, I made my entire catalog to be made-on-demand, so that there is as little waste as possible. All of the art, logos, and designs featured in Erika's Divine Art and in E.D.A Clothing are made with the intention to inspire, awaken, and empower others to make educated choices in regards to our lives, and how we interact with nature at large. I also want people to feel unique, to find something here that they can find no where else, and where they can let their artistic curiosity run wild. I want my customers and patrons to find happiness in my art, in the clothing they buy from E.D.A Clothing, and from the impact they have when they wear and support my work. 


  No one is perfect in this modern world, in regards to our carbon footprint or impact on ecology, so, that is why my main goal of Erika's Divine Art is to give to the world I love- this beautiful Earth and amazing, wild global society we share! Whenever a sale is made here at Erika's Divine Art, for E.D.A Clothing specifically, I make a donation of 5% of the profits to an organization that takes care of the planet, the people, and the animals that inhabit it. This is the least that I can do as an artist, a clothing designer, and a business-woman in this world that is heavily impacted and disrupted by anthropogenic climate change. Erika's Divine Art is a young business, but we can always do something more for our planet and for life as a whole.

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Artist: Erika 

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                                                                             Hello there, fellow human being! 

  It's nice to meet you. My name is Erika. Ever since I was a little squirt, I have been running around wanting to put color on paper. It is kind of an addiction, or an obsession perhaps, to see something come to life from my brain- and especially for other people to enjoy it with me. I am a mostly self-taught painter and illustrator, focusing on psychedelic artwork, surreal artwork, and even at times I will dabble in abstract, pointillism, and realism as well. I mainly use art as a tool of letting go, instead of "refining" myself. I love letting go on a piece of art and seeing where I end up.

  Art has taken me many places in my life- internally, and externally. Art is a gateway- beauty is solace for the soul. I have created many things in many places in my life. Here, is where I share my artistic creations with you. Each piece I create has a story, but that story may not always be visible to the viewer in the way I experienced it. That, my art-seeking friend, is the beauty of it all. Everything is subjective- everything we perceive is based on where we are in our life, our experiences, our losses, our gains, our pain, our love. Picking up a paintbrush or a pencil gives an artist power, but the power is also given to you- the viewer. My art could mean absolutely anything to you, and that is why I love being an artist. At the root of art is freedom- freedom to express, enjoy, think, create, release, own, disown... whatever you need it to be. It is a space where the infinite lies- in the eyes of the creator, the viewer, or even the destroyer. Art is a divine connection to the infinite- a doorway where we walk through all the possibilities. Share in the space with me where judgement is suspended, minds are opened, and new ideas are fostered. Art, when embraced fully, is the highest form of expression we can share with each other- dissolving boundaries of all kinds. Art, with intention, is a source of divine inspiration. Truly, whatever that means to you.

  Erika's Divine Art is inspired by nature, the universe, life, freedom, kindness, compassion, love, truth, and protecting our planet. My art is pure love. My goal as an artist is not to be the most talented artist, or the richest, or most well-known. My intentions as an artist are to be present, to be conscious, to break free from oppressive ways of thinking, and to spread important ideas into the world. I want to get to know art lovers, like you, and share my story as an artist. There is so much on the horizon here at E.D.A- truly, infinite outcomes. May we share this wonderful space together, that I have been cultivating my entire lifetime, and extensively the last 3 years, and celebrate art and this life and our differences of perception together. 


  "Why" is an important word here at Erika's Divine Art. There are millions of businesses that I could have started before I started Erika's Divine Art. In our world, currently, businesses are focused on one thing- making money- contrary to helping make our world a better place, and investing the profits in more good to multiply abundantly. While making money is a fundamentally important aspect of business and marketing, what is most important at Erika's Divine Art is spreading positive and impactful messages into the world. What I care about more than money is goodness, love, kindness, expansion, humanity, humility, learning, sharing, and experiencing life to the fullest. The "why" for the genesis of Erika's Divine Art is simple- spreading love and expansion through artwork.


  Artwork has been a powerful form of expression in human societies and evolution since the dawn of time. Art has served as a tool for communication, expression, problem solving, healing, recording information, and countless other uses. Art is an essential element to human evolution and conscious experience- inspiring millions years after the artist of a famous painting has died, such as Van Gough or Michelangelo, or even a cave painting by an anonymous caveman/cavewoman/caveperson (imagine if they knew how famous that handprint turned out to be!)


  The "why" for Erika's Divine Art begins as an idea, and then evolves into being through brush or pen stroke. Every time someone purchases a piece of artwork or clothing from Erika's Divine Art, the "why" that is stated here comes into being. My "why" is to spread consciousness and higher thought, and to bring creative clothing and unique creations into the world. On top of that, with each purchase, a portion of the profits are donated to charities around the world. Art can save the world, truly, if we let it open us to new ideas of what life is and can possibly be.

With love & gratitude,

Erika Gravino- Founder, CEO, Owner, and head artist at Erika's Divine Art 

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